An Empowered New You!

As women, we go through many metamorphoses in our lifetimes, each one with more intensity than the one before and each one designed to help us grow and move to a higher level in consciousness and self-empowerment. As an Empowerment Coach, my mission with this site is to inspire women to ‘get in the game’ and rediscover the art and power of her authentic self, embrace her personal power, and create the life she wants.

Today’s modern woman plays a much more visible role in shaping our world than in her past, and it begins with self-empowerment, that is:

  • acknowledging your self-worth
  • defining your purpose
  • creating an authentic personal style
  • cultivating relationships that help you grow.

I hope you’ll visit this site often to expand your view of who you are and what you deserve, to the point that there will be no limit to your personal power! Our Inspiration corner is designed to inspire you to spend some time with yourself and gather up the little pieces of yourself you might have given away.

There’s also a myriad of articles on Personal style that were written that will encourage you to embrace those things about yourself as the qualities that make you special and unique and magnify those inner and outer essence of the YOU that you present to the world. We’ll even offer you some new ideas to help you develop the courage to try something new!

We hope as you explore this site, you will begin to feel very excited about yourself…as well as excite those you come in contact with.
Now would be a good time to become your best you, and project the poise and polish that sends the message to others that you have created a balanced and vital existence for yourself.
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Embrace your uniqueness!                                          Photo Credit: metamorphosis


2 thoughts on “An Empowered New You!

  1. Beautiful blog Elayne. Keep it going, I’ve got a new blog myself. Just started it recently. Let me know what you think

    • Thanks Laurel! Afraid I’ve been neglecting it a little bit lately – had health issues – surgery, blah, blah, blah. I’m actually going to move this over to my website – Can’t wait to visit yours!

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