Understand your Fashion Personality

One of the secrets to “dressing well” is to have a handle on your own fashion personality. Your fashion personality helps in crafting an image for yourself that includes wearing the right silhouettes for your body type, lengths and colors that suit your personality and portray the image of ‘your best you’ that you want to show to the rest of the world around you.

          In order to present your most authentic self to the world, it’s important to understand and respect your clothing personality. Developing your fashion personality is important for achieving high self-confidence and a sense of acceptance and satisfaction with yourself.

          Fashion personality has nothing to do with your height or weight, or how long or short your hair is. Fashion personality is an expression of a woman’s spirit and character. Your outfits should reflect your lifestyle and be a look that is the most becoming to your figure.

          What you show on the outside is an indication of who you are on the inside and your fashion personality should express who you truly are. Your clothes play an important part in how you come across to others. How you present yourself is not necessarily a case of right vs.wrong, although it can be a case of appropriate vs. inappropriate.

Fashion Personality Types

          Establishing a fashion personality means developing a sense of style in the way you dress and project yourself that reflects a woman’s personality, lifestyle, dreams and passions. Here are 8 dominant fashion ‘personality’ types and their characteristics:

– Classic – timeless fashions that don’t change – beautiful, yet simple cuts
– Sporty/Casual – theatrical, different, individual, funky
– Romantic – feminine, flirtatious, easy-flowing fabrics and soft colors
– Trendy – likes to try new things, and incorporates ‘what’s hot now’ into her wardrobe
– Traditional – always appropriate, at least 60% basics in neutral colors
– Dramatic – bold, confident, striking and chic, edgy and likes to make a statement w/clothing
– Sophisticated/Glamorous – timeless, beautiful, poised, polished, tasteful & stylish,

          Generally speaking, when a woman does not dress to match her fashion personality, it’s not essentially due to a lack of class, but often to a misguided sense of who she is and what she wants to tell the world.  Many women make mistakes about their life’s priorities in their clothing image that is both damaging and needless.

          When you nail down your fashion personality, you will express an image of polish and poise, and maximize your opportunities for professional achievement and personal growth in the workplace and beyond.

          Do you know what your fashion personality is? I’d love to hear from you!

Embrace your Uniqueness!


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