“I believe in the power that not only allows the sun to rise, but turns seeds into flowers and dreams into realities.” Oprah Winfrey-

Hi there!  My name is Elayne Marchbanks.  I call myself an empowerment coach, and a personal stylist & wardrobe/branding strategist. I know that’s a mouth-full, but its not as fancy as it sounds.  As the off-spring of the first African American female entrepreneur (she had two clothing stores!) back in the 1960’s in Louisville, Ky., and my long-time disdain for ‘corporate America’, I’ve always had a penchant for doing my own thing!
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I was pretty strategic when I started this Blog, asking myself, How can I empower myself to create the life I want?  I also asked myself, How can I integrate the things I love to see and do, in the world of fashion/image and personal style, with motivating and inspiring self-empowerment in other women?

Therefore, this Blog takes what I know from parlaying my degree in fashion merchandising into a successful personal fashion consulting service in Chicago, to providing tips, tools and information on personal packaging, fashion coordination, image-making, and wardrobe engineering. As a personal stylist and wardrobe/branding strategist, I receive a great deal of satisfaction from helping women find their personal style and create their own personal brand.

I’ll be launching my Empowerment Coaching program soon, which will encourage women to ‘get in the game’, uncover the art and power of her authentic self and embrace her personal power. Our mantra;

“Step outside your comfort zone and become an enlightened woman who knows who she is, why she is at a certain place in her life, where she is going and how to enjoy the ride!”

I’ve recently published a book entitled, YOU ARE THE ONE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: Freedom from the Relationship Drama to an Empowered New You! A book written to motivate and coach today’s woman to embrace the qualities that make her special and unique and apply them as an asset to become ALL she is meant to be.

I am listed as an Expert Author of several empowerment and relationship articles at Ezine Articles and you can find out more information about my personal branding program and my book at my website.

Embrace your Uniqueness!


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