My Empowerment Coaching program encourages women to ‘get in the game’ and rediscover the art and power of her authentic self, embrace her personal power, and create the life she wants. 

I utilize my expertise as a Personal Branding Strategist to teach women business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals, the advantages of a woman achieving her own image identity and how to develop her own personal brand. Our mantra:

Step outside your comfort zone, become an enlightened woman who knows who she is, why she is at a certain place in her life, where she is going and how to enjoy the ride!

As a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant I am available to provide one-on-one coaching to private clients on personal packaging, and wardrobe engineering as well as group workshops and clinics on figure dressing and personal style.

I can also speak at your meetings, conferences or retreats on personal power, poise, polish & purpose, image management and personal branding.



Facebook: elaynem11

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Phone: 502-209-WISE (9473)

City/State: Chicago, IL


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